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How heat stress affects every precious day of your life. Hpmist understands this, which is why we are committed to being your most trusted provider for outdoor cooling and heating.

You can count on us to provide expert mist cooling systems. We are here to support you, guide you and inspire you towards the best possible outcome for you and your company.



Our Outdoor Air coolers constructed for outside with superior quality stuff.

Get A Perfect Mobile Air Cooler That Suits Your Demand

Warm weather and high humidity can make outside and work life uneasy and hard, thus, can go quite a distance in modulating the high temperatures living you with a favorable state while you having a mobile evaporative desert atmosphere cooler. Outside coolers & the mobile outside atmosphere coolers are extremely efficient in controlling the restaurant, house veranda or warehouse, factory eatery outside place temperatures economically provided you’re effective at identifying one with the best characteristics that satisfy your demands. There are lots of mobile air coolers out in the marketplace, and so it’s significant keep an eye out for what can match your requirements and to have a look at.

Mobile veranda atmosphere coolers are quite simple to work with because it is easily transferred from one position to a different due to its streamlined layout. There’s also no setup cost required, you simply decide and air cooler Dubai plug when you’re finished you take and unplug it along with you.

Outside AC come in different kinds, sizes and mobile air conditioners, shapes and with characteristics that are exceptional determined by the type you opt for. Deliver quality service and all our products are proved to be excellent. In addition, we supply outdoor mist cooling products including high pressure and mist fans misting lines for outside and Verandas waiting areas together with giving complete veranda coverage making the verandas as well as the outside occasions relaxing and memorable. Arura Misting fan is totally created for the Verandas, its rattan style of layout makes it take contour that was small when compared with others; it’s 360 mist fan with light and table, and it’s quite efficient.

There’s a comprehensive variety of mobile evaporative air coolers, and outside cooling system for residential, industrial and commercial programs accessible Dubai and determined by the size you would like as well as your budget you always have the option to get the right mobile air cooler for UAE and Dubai weather. There’s a significant variety to select from, that range from the little light weight portable air coolers to the ones that are larger you always have the option to get. The lightweight, portable air coolers are extremely suitable for offices, houses, workshops for outside and indoor and might be moved around to distinct locations. They may be quite efficient, as well as the wheels provide easy motion.

Working in a chilly environment was understood to enhance focus and efficacy when there is heat stress and no outside impact the body cools since there isn’t any cause for the uneasy feeling and concentrating on what one is doing is simple.

Atmosphere coolers leases:
In the event you merely need the mobile air coolers outside air conditioner outside cooling system out for several days for the occasion, or as a short-term cooling alternative than renting might be a better alternative.

we offer the very best air conditioners lease service in Dubai for outoor occasions, Party, wedding, temporary cooling system, or some other outdoor activities to supply professional AC lease Company, our professionals, stand to do things,we guarantee a decent cost to do high quality outside cooler rent !
The most professional outside Air conditioner AC renting component leader in Dubai.
First class technology, a tremendous high quality, powerful, professional team.
Our team and business experienced high quality gift. Constantly enhance our gear quality.
In case you have to install, commissioning any type of cooling products our professional technicians to supply on site installation, commissioning work to make certain the perfect cooling functioning.

Patio heaters Leases:

Patio heaters leases are offered by us too within Dubai and Abu Dhabi