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What is Infrared?

Infrared radiation is a sub-area of the spectrum of the light generated by the Sun, this type of light, however, is invisible to the human eye, which only serves to radiate heat. This means that infrared rays, responsible for human sensation of heat, are positive rays and cannot be compared with UV or microwave radiation or x-rays.

In short: it’s the heat that can sit on a sunny winter day when you’re exposed to the Sun, if we are to receive the infrared rays from the Sun and a cloud passes in front is cold suddenly, when the Sun gets hot instantly appears.

Infrared is really safe?

Absolutely! The Infrared light Energy is beneficial and does not cause damage to the body. Infrared is used in medicine to many years.
This system is used in maternity wards to warm the newborn.


  • Economic:

Up to 70% at acquisition, more than 50% savings in energy costs compared to other heat sources. Income up to 99.99%. Depreciation is very fast.

  • Clean:

Does not consume Oxygen, free from direct CO2 emissions, no noise pollution and not dry the air. Not damage paintings in frames

  • Therapeutic:

The degree of heat radiated by infrared, provides no health benefits achieved with other heat sources.
Advanced technology:
Silence, economics, reliable, and quality structure, make the infrared heater Arflex the best option to heat large spaces.

  • Effective:

It’s fast, so call the infrared feel the heat. More performance with less consumption. Keep people warm and not the air.

  • Easy Installation:

Easily installs anywhere, can be mounted on wall, ceiling, portable tripods and others. Inside or Outside

  • Durable:

7000 hours of duration. Infrared does not lose features or performance over the years and does not require maintenance.
Where it is possible to use this heating system?

Outdoor spaces. Terraces, sports venues, exhibitions, events etc.
Interior.: Churches (ease of installation and aesthetics), schools, warehouses, factories, spas, swimming pools, Stands, workshops, exhibitions.